42/1, Abylai Khan avenue, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
The human body is individual and medicines should be selected by a doctor, taking into account the indications and compatibility of the drug.

Shayakhmetov Yerzhan Mukhatayevich
Tsoy Boris Viktorovich
Head of the Radiation Oncology Department
Shayakhmetov Tanzhas Serikovich
Head of the Medical Physics Department
Sarsengaliyev Timur Izbassarovich
Higher category radiotherapist
Brimova Aigul Demeugaliyevna
Breast Oncologist
Berikbol Daulet Kuatbekuly
Radiation oncologist
Usmangaliyev Abay Kayergaliyevich
I, Usmangaliyev Abay Kayergaliyevich, express my deep gratitude to all doctors of the “UMIT” center. Especially to Yerzhan Mukataevich and Daulet Kuatbekovich. I wish great happiness, health, family well-being to all of them. Good luck!
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Mukanova Aliya Albekovna
I am Mukanova Aliya Albekovna, appealed to this center for the tomotherapy treatment. My doctor is Rustembekova I.K. I would like to express my gratitude to my doctor and medical staff for their good attitude and courteous attitude. I wish the center...
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Gulyayeva Tatiana Nikolayevna
I, Gulyayeva Tatiana Nikolayevna, found out about this center from the Internet. After an operation in neurosurgery on the spine, I came to doctor Rustembekova I.K. She clearly explained to me what my treatment would be, and a month after the operati...
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After consultation with mammologist Darisheva G.M., I was operated by the surgeon Saktashov B.Sh.. to whom I am very grateful for keeping the breast. Tomotherapy was prescribed after the operation. I have been undergoing treatment since June 12. The ...
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Utegenov M.A.

I, Utegenov M.A. - 69 years old. Atyrau region.

I am grateful to the doctor Otynshiyev R.T. and other medical staff of the center! All of them are polite in relation to patients, I have not met such an attitude in other instituti...

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Karimov Tulegen Mereyevich

I, Karimov Tulegen Mereyevich, came from Uralsk to the tomotherapy center in Nur-Sultan city to receive radiation therapy.

My first impression was that came to some foreign modern medical institution. This was due to the design o...

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Ismailov Ospan Abishovich
I, Ismailov Ospan Abishovich, received chemotherapy at the oncology center in Astana. Having heard about your treatment method, I appealed to doctor Zhanara Zhakypbekkyzy, who, after listening to my entire medical history, suggested tomotherapy for f...
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Liza Maksatkyzy.

Darybayeva Sholpan Akhmetzhanovna

I, Darybayeva Sholpan Akhmetzhanovna, received radiation therapy at the “UMIT” tomotherapy center.

I came from Kokshetau, received treatment for liver cancer. I am grateful to the w...

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Ushetova Liza Maksatkyzy

I Ushetova Liza Maksatkyzy, am receiving treatment in this clinic. It is a very good clinic, the doctors are very decent and take good care of patients. I am very grateful.

Thank you very much.

We came from Uralsk. ...

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Issabayeva Z.I.

Many thanks to all the medical staff of the Center. From the first days of treatment, I got into the good reliable hands of doctor Berikbol D.K, tomotherapy operators, procedure room nurses. You give people hope. I am very grateful for the won...

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Yelena Gorbunova

I express my deep gratitude to the medical staff of the “Umit” center. It was a great honor for me to be the patient of Zhakypbekkyzy Zhanar - an experienced, literate doctor, who knows and loves her job. I wish her good health, family well-be...

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Yessenamanova D.S.

I want to express my deep gratitude to all the medical staff, all of them are very kind, friendly, to our attending physician Zhanar Zhakypbekkyzy. Our treatment went smoothly in a relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to all! Wish you health, goodness, ...

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Atametova D.S.

I am Abdumazhitova Kavsar's mother. My daughter was treated at this clinic. Many thanks to the doctors and nurses who work here. Our family is very happy.

Mother: Atametova D.S.

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Dzhanbayeva K.K.

I, Dzhanbayeva K.K., my brother Dzhanbayev A. K. have been undergoing treatment at your center since 5.08! We express our deep gratitude to the staff of “UMIT” LLP. Responsive, polite, always ready to help, attentive! I can endlessly write and...

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Zhakupova L.

Today my long-term treatment (radiation therapy) at your center ended. I would like to express my gratitude to my attending physician Zhanar Zhakypbekkyzy and all the staff. First of all, thanks that your center can accept patients for free tr...

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Dustayeva K.V.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the management, doctors and all staff of the “Umit” Tomotherapy Center. Thank you for your professionalism, individual approach, friendliness and attention! For giving hope and faith!


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Iskakova Marzhan Zeinullovna

I, Iskakova Marzhan Zeinullovna, underwent treatment at your center in September-October 2019,

I want to express my deep gratitude for the help provided, for professionalism, for a sensitive and attentive attitude, for kindness, ...

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Tulegenova Altynay

I, Tulegenova Altynai, was treated at the Tomotherapy center from September 2 to October 8 this year.

I am grateful to my doctor and the staff of the center. We received a good timely treatment. I am glad that there is such a med...

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Zakharova Valentina Anatolyevna

I, patient Zakharova Valentina Anatolyevna, would like to express a deep gratitude for that happiness, that I am here receiving treatment, for that sensitive attitude and professionalism of all the staff: doctors, radiologists, physicists, ope...

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Evgeny Ivanovich

I, Evgeniy Ivanovich, head of the Radiation Therapy Department at the Almaty Oncology Center, visited the medical center. The center was established according to the IAEA standards and is the best form of world radiation therapy centers.

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